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A Terribly Strange Bed part 4

Written on 11/04/2019   By   in General

I did go on—went on at such a rate, that in another quarter of an hour the
croupier called out, “Gentlemen, the bank has discontinued for to-night.” All
the notes, and all the gold in that “bank,” now lay in a heap under my hands;
the whole floating capital of the gambling house was waiting to pour into my

up the money in your pocket-handkerchief, my worthy sir,” said the old soldier,
as I wildly plunged my hands into my heap of gold. “Tie it up, as we used to
tie up a bit of dinner in the Grand Army; your winnings are too heavy for any
breeches-pockets that ever were sewed. There! that’s it—shovel them in, notes
and all! Credie! what luck! Stop! another napoleon on the floor. Ah! sacre
petit polisson de Napoleon! have I found thee at last? Now then, sir—two tight
double knots each way with your honorable permission, and the money’s safe.

it! feel it, fortunate sir! hard and round as a cannon-ball—A bas if they had
only fired such cannon-balls at us at Austerlitz—nom d’une pipe! if they only
had! And now, as an ancient grenadier, as an exbrave of the French army, what
remains for me to do? I ask what? Simply this, to entreat my valued English
friend to drink a bottle of champagne with me, and toast the goddess Fortune in
foaming goblets before we part!”

ex-brave! Convivial ancient grenadier! Champagne by all means! An English cheer
for an old soldier! Hurrah! hurrah! Another English cheer for the goddess
Fortune! Hurrah, hurrah! hurrah!”

Gracious Englishman

the Englishman; the amiable, gracious Englishman, in whose veins circulates the
vivacious blood of France! Another glass? A bas!— the bottle is empty! Never
mind! Vive le vin! I, the old soldier, order another bottle, and half a pound
of bonbons with it!”

no, ex-brave; never—ancient grenadier! Your bottle last time; my bottle this!
Behold it! Toast away! The French Army! the great Napoleon! the present
company! the croupier! the honest croupier’s wife and daughters—if he has any!
the ladies generally! everybody in the world!”

the time the second bottle of champagne was emptied, I felt as if I had been
drinking liquid fire—-my brain seemed all aflame. No excess in wine had ever
had this effect on me before in my life. Was it the result of a stimulant acting
upon my system when I was in a highly excited state? Was my stomach in a
particularly disordered condition? Or was the champagne amazingly strong?


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