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A Terribly Strange Bed part 13

Written on 11/04/2019   By   in General

some men the means of escape which I had discovered might have seemed difficult
and dangerous enough—to me the prospect of slipping down the pipe into the
street did not suggest even a thought of peril. I had always been accustomed,
by the practise of gymnastics, to keep up my school-boy powers as a daring and
expert climber; and knew that my head, hands, and feet would serve me
faithfully in any hazards of ascent or descent.

had already got one leg over the window-sill, when I remembered the
handkerchief filled with money under my pillow. I could well have afforded to
leave it behind me, but I was revengefully determined that the miscreants of
the gambling- house should miss their plunder as well as their victim. So I
went back to the bed and tied the heavy handkerchief at my back by my cravat.

as I had made it tight and fixed it in a comfortable place, I thought I heard a
sound of breathing outside the door. The chill feeling of horror ran through me
again as I listened. No! Dead silence still in the passage—-I had only heard
the night air blowing softly into the room. The next moment I was on the
window-sill—and the next I had a firm grip on the water-pipe with my hands and

Discovering the perpetrator

slid down into the street easily and quietly, as I thought I should, and
immediately set off at the top of my speed to a branch “Prefecture” of Poliqe,
which I knew was situated in the immediate neighborhood. A “Sub-prefect,” and
several picked men among his subordinates, happened to be up, maturing, I
believe, some scheme for discovering the perpetrator of a mysterious murder
which all Paris was talking of just then.

I began my story, in a breathless hurry and in very bad French, I could see
that the Sub-prefect suspected me of being a drunken Englishman who had robbed
somebody; but he soon altered his opinion as I went on, and before I had
anything like concluded, he shoved all the papers before him into a drawer, put
on his hat, supplied me with another (for I was bareheaded), ordered a file of
soldiers, desired his expert followers to get ready all sorts of tools for
breaking open doors and ripping up brick flooring, and took my arm, in the most
friendly and familiar manner possible, to lead me with him out of the house. I
will venture to say that when the Sub-prefect was a little boy, and was taken
for the first time to the play, he was not half as much pleased as he was now
at the job in prospect for him at the gambling-house!


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