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A Terribly Strange Bed part 10

Written on 11/04/2019   By   in General

for what?

God! the man had pulled his hat down on his brows! No! the hat itself was gone!
Where was the conical crown? Where the feathers —three white, two green? Not
there! In place of the hat and feathers, what dusky object was it that now hid
his forehead, his eyes, his shading hand?

the bed moving?

turned on my back and looked up. Was I mad? drunk? dreaming? giddy again? or
was the top of the bed really moving down—sinking slowly, regularly, silently,
horribly, right down throughout the whole of its length and breadth—right down
upon me, as I lay underneath?

Paralyzing coldness

blood seemed to stand still. A deadly, paralyzing coldness stole all over me as
I turned my head round on the pillow and determined to test whether the bed-top
was really moving or not, by keeping my eye on the man in the picture.

next look in that direction was enough. The dull, black, frowsy outline of the
valance above me was within an inch of being parallel with his waist. I still
looked breathlessly. And steadily and slowly—very slowly—I saw the figure, and
the line of frame below the figure, vanish, as the valance moved down before

am, constitutionally, anything but timid. I have been on more than one occasion
in peril of my life, and have not lost my self-possession for an instant; but
when the conviction first settled on my mind that the bed-top was really
moving, was steadily and continuously sinking down upon me, I looked up
shuddering, helpless, panic-stricken, beneath the hideous machinery for murder,
which was advancing closer and closer to suffocate me where I lay.

looked up, motionless, speechless, breathless. The candle, fully spent, went
out; but the moonlight still brightened the room. Down and down, without
pausing and without sounding, came the bed-top, and still my panic terror
seemed to bind me faster and faster to the mattress on which I lay—down and
down it sank, till the dusty odor from the lining of the canopy came stealing
into my nostrils.

that final moment the instinct of self-preservation startled me out of my
trance, and I moved at last. There was just room for me to roll myself sidewise
off the bed. As I dropped noiselessly to the floor, the edge of the murderous
canopy touched me on the shoulder.


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