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As soon as there have been two brethren, of 1 mom and one father; Anpu was the identify of the elder, and Bata was the identify of the youthful. Now, as for Anpu he had a home, and he had a spouse. However his little brother was to him because it had been a son; he it was who made for him his garments; he it was who adopted behind his oxen to the fields; he it was who did the plowing; he it was who harvested the corn; he it was who did for him all of the issues that had been within the discipline. Behold, his youthful brother grew to be a superb employee, there was not his equal in the entire land; behold, the spirit of a god was in him.

Now after this the youthful brother adopted his oxen in his day by day, method; and each night he turned once more to the home, laden with all of the herbs of the sector, with milk and with wooden, and with all issues of the sector. And he put them down earlier than his elder brother, who was sitting along with his spouse; and he drank and ate, and he lay down in his secure with the cattle. And on the daybreak of day he took bread which he had baked, and laid it earlier than his elder brother; and he took with him his bread to the sector, and he drave his cattle to pasture within the fields. And as he walked behind his cattle, they mentioned to him, “Good is the herbage which is in that place”; and he listened to all that they mentioned, and he took them to the great place which they desired. And the cattle which had been earlier than him grew to become exceeding glorious, they usually multiplied tremendously.

Morrow morning

Now on the time of plowing his elder brother mentioned unto him: “Allow us to make prepared for ourselves a goodly yoke of oxen for plowing, for the land has come out from the water: it’s match for plowing. Furthermore, do thou come to the sector with corn, for we’ll start the plowing within the morrow morning.” Thus mentioned he to him; and his youthful brother did all issues as his elder brother had spoken unto him to do them.

And when the morn was come, they went to the fields with their issues; and their hearts had been happy exceedingly with their activity at first of their work. And it got here to move after this that as they had been within the discipline they stopped for corn, and he despatched his youthful brother, saying, “Haste thou, convey to us corn from the farm.” And the youthful brother discovered the spouse of his elder brother, as she was sitting tying her hair. He mentioned to her: “Stand up, and provides to me corn, that I’ll run to the sector, for my elder brother hastened me; don’t delay.” She mentioned to him: “Go, open the bin, and thou shalt take to thyself based on thy will, that I’ll not drop my locks of hair whereas I gown them.”

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