The Jewish Mother 2

The literature of the New Testament (which was written in late Greek) is difficult to classify. It is Jewish, of course, but permeated by a distinctly non-Hebraic spirit. The influence exerted by the narratives of the New Testament has been enormous, but it is rather religious and theological than artistic. The spirit of this literature has penetrated the thought, life, habits and art of the entire Occidental world.

The Jewish Mother

From The Talmud

0nce upon a time a Jewish mother together with her seven sons suffered martyrdom at the hands of the Emperor. The sons ordered by the latter to do homage to the Imperial idols, declined, and justified their disobedience by each quoting a simple text from the Scriptures. When the seventh was brought forth, it is said that Osar for appearance sake, offered to spare him if he would only stoop and pick up a ring from the ground which had been dropped on purpose.

Aias for thee oh, Caesar!” replied t