Gordion alliance

An historic venue adorns modem Eskisehir`s backyard. We are talking about the quarter of Odunpazan with its narrow winding streets and gaily painted, wood-frame row houses. Regarded as choice examples of traditional Turkish architecture, these houses were reclaimed for tourism in the Odunpazari Houses Preservation Project launched in 2005 by the local municipality. Like those at Beypazari, Safranbolu and Sirince in other parts of Turkey, the historic houses at Odunpazan are involved now in the branding process. And if you venture outside these three city centers into the valleys and steppes, you will encounter splendid Phrygian monuments at almost every kilometer. Dating back to the 12th century B.C., this civilization exhibited a mastery ahead of its time in architecture, carving, pottery and metal working.

And Midas, who signed the first political alliance at Gordion, was the Phrygians` most famous king. This culture, which inhabited dwellings cut into the rocks, left b