Second Longest Runway

Sivas Nuri Demirag Airport is 25 kilometers to the city center and it is located at the northwest of the city. With its size of 3 thousand 811 meters to 45 meters, the 01/19 runway of the airport is our country’s second longest runway after Sanliurfa Airport. Put to service in 2010, the new terminal building has a capacity of 3 million passengers annually.

With its original architectural design, it is a modern 22 thousand square meters big facility. Situated on an area of one thousand and 550 square meters, the powerhouse serves a heat and power station. Air traffic is controlled safe and efficiently, while ground services such as representation, passenger traffic, ramp, aircraft line maintenance, flight operations, transportation, surveillance and supervision, catering and aircraft private security are as well offered in the airport.

The purpose of turning it into an aircraft field. The level field was built as big as one thousand meters to one thousand and 300

Yerevan Childrens Films Festival

You went to Armenia recently as a jury member of the Yerevan Children’s Films Festival, how did it go from your point of view?

It is an international festival, held for the seventh time. Films for children compete in this festival. Wonderful films were displayed. It had been a great experience for me. I watched very good films and met with people from the world who are knowledgeable about this subject. I am going to say “I wish we had one”, but it seems a little distant as we have no directors who do or want to film movies for children or producers who care about this matter yet. Unfortunately, we do not attach adequate care to children’s literature either and we come from behind in every field. I hope one day we will have such festivals in our country. And appreciate children`s areas more.

Roman Medicine

It’s known that the Roman medicine is originated from the agriculture and the farmers were using the mixtures of plants and remedies. The two most important witnesses of this period are the Roman statesman, the orator and the first master of prose in Latin Marcus Porcius Cato (BC 234-149). The unique text remaining from Cato is the booklet about the agriculture.

Besides his experiences of agriculture in his work, Cato witnesses also the relationship between agriculture and medicine. While the Roman people attribute extraordinary forces to the wool, Cato advises to eat cabbage in abundance to be protected against illnesses and even he proposes to drink the urine of person who ate cabbage.

The chapter “De Medicina” (About Medicine) considered among the greatest medical classics of the most important medical author of the Roman period Aulos Cornelius Celsius, has been found by the Pope Nicolaus (1397 – 1455) in the Middle Age and has been one of th